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Set Assignments by Request

Hey, does anybody know if the students can request to set assignments? I got Duolingo for Schools because of the ability to set goals for my students. Can the students send a virtual request? Or does that not work? (idk I'm just wondering)

November 25, 2019



Let me see if I understand what you are asking, Livia-Grace: You want each student to set an individual assignment, different from their classmates? I think the best way to do that is have the students put in writing what they are working on, and then you set an XP goal for the class instead.

Have the students write (or maybe you provide a form to make it look official)

  1. What their goal is

  2. Why this goal is important to them

  3. How much progress have they made towards this goal already

  4. What are their next steps to be able to achieve this goal?

If they are setting their own goals, then they are ready to think more meta-cognitively about their goals.

Hope this helps!


Good Question, I believe you were able to setup whether or not they can choose what language they can choose, If you accepted that option they can add their own courses of any language. However, If you did allow this option, you may have to add the course yourself.

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