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  5. "This kitchen is dirty."

"This kitchen is dirty."

Translation:Haec culina est sordida.

November 25, 2019

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Culīna Culīnae kitchen (food- by extension) • Deformed from coquīna (“kitchen”), from coquō (“to cook”). By cluster simplification of a pre-form kokʷlīna, from suffixed kokʷ-el-īna, from the same verbal root that gave coquō.

Sordida dirty, filthy, foul, (figurative) mean, base, despised, slighted, held of no account • From sordeō +‎ -idus. • Sordeō From PIE *swerd- (“dirty, dark, black”). Cognate to German schwarz, Dutch zwart, English and West Frisian swart, Danish sortSwarthy • Alteration of Swarty, from Swart +‎ -y, from Old English Sweart (“black”).

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