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Why shouldn't I just give up now?

My entire tree was largely reset to zero. What good are levels, streaks, and rewards if it all goes to fek? I finished the tree in the earlier version, only to find it reset a year ago. I've been on a 324 day streak now. I had completed the whole tree to Level 1 golden owl, I had 50% to Level 5, an additional 25% to Level 3, and was just a few lessons a way from the Level 2 owl. Now it's all gone! I feel like Chuck Connors in the old "Branded" TV show getting his epaulettes ripped off and his sabre broken. What's the point in a streak, what's the point in leveling up, if I know it will all disappear again anyway?

November 26, 2019



It is the same for me too, I lost my golden owl, and I can restart almost all skill from the beginning. That is really not motivating, but I will continue. I see it as a daily exercise.


I'm going to continue, because I enjoy learning, but I have no desire to go back and spend hours redoing the all the early lessons just to get the gold icons back.


I tested out of the first checkpoint lessons up to level 4. I recommend just going to 4, as the golden level 5 lessons degrade in time. At the end, you can go back to level 5.


Yeah, it happened to me too. I finished the course in 2015, and I've gilded it four or five times since then. Now my owl is gone. I'm just going to test out of all the lower level skills.


I tested out to get the golden owl back too. Several skills are still back to level 1 but it doesn't look as bad, at least.


Because we learn this language because we like the language, not the XP we get from it.


I didn't lose any XP. I do like learning the language, but when one makes concrete achievements, it's very discouraging to have them all summarily ripped away.


If you feel that you've learnt everything that the Duolingo course has to offer, then I'd suggest moving beyond it. Many suggestions for continuing your learning are here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/10334863

Otherwise, if you just want to complete the tree with level 5 in all skills, use the test out feature. That's what it's there for :)

Manĝu terpomojn kaj feliĉiĝu!


That's true, but it will still likely take many many days to test up on every lesson from 0 to 5, right?


My tree got reset about 2 months ago. About 75% of my lessons were reset, most to zero. I wrote to Duolingo and complained, and they told me that the course had been updated, and the lessons that had new material or revised material had been reset, and there was basically nothing to be done about it. I'm glad that they are trying to upgrade the Esperanto course. When you compare it to the Spanish course, which is very slick, with so many more lessons plus the "Duolingo Stories", the Esperanto course seems very plain. I suppose there might be a way that they could do a "partial" reset" for a lesson that you had completed to crown level 5, if the content wasn't that much different, but that would probably require a level of micro-management that no-one is interested in doing.

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