Feels Bad

So many skills in my Esperanto tree have been largely reset back to level 0. I have many skills at level 5, and then several halfway down the tree to level 3 or 4, and then the bottom of the tree at level 1 or 2. I had everything at level 1 or higher.

I guess it is back to the grind. Hopefully they made some improvements. An email with just a little bit of warning or letting us know what the changes were sure would have been nice.

November 26, 2019


Like, honestly, if it just reset back from level 5 to 4, it's wouldn't be that bad. But pretty much all my 5-level Esperanto skills are now reset to level 1. I worked hard on getting to level 5 of each skill before moving to the next one and now I feel that I wasted my time to get nothing.

You didn't get nothing. You learned a bit of a language. It's unfortunate that improving the lessons has this effect in Duolingo, but don't lose heart just because of minor setbacks.

You need five minutes to rich the 5 stars by using test. Use symbol "key"

Really, you think so? Even though mine reset to 0 or 1, many of the checkpoints show that it was completed. It will not let me test out of the whole checkpoint. So, I started to try to test out of an individual level 1 lesson to reach level 2. I got 100% on one lesson within the first group, and it did not move me to level 2!

This is ridiculous, what's the point in trying to have a golden tree and working towards it every day if it's just going to reset someday? I didn't know this would happen, and I wouldn't have begun learning Esperanto on Duolingo if I had known that. I just hope it's a bug and they'll fix it, but I'm really not sure... And what can we do now?

When any course gets updates on Duolingo, lessons that drastically changed get reset. You can always use the test out feature (which I believe is free on computer) to skip lessons you're already comfortable with.

Bara att hacka i sig och köra på, jag hade guldfemmor fram till och med tredje tornet sedan var det blanda tvåor till fyror, nästan allt försvann,men... repetition är studiernas moder :-)

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