My students will not do the work I assign on time ever, even if I give them a time after the due date! Do any of you know any ways to get my students to work?

November 26, 2019


Ha ha, welcome to teaching.

My colleague gave me this great advice when I was starting out: Put things in the gradebook immediately upon the due date. Even if they are absent, give them a zero or they won't do it.

Extra things I do: I give Advisory passes (we have an Advisory period for students to get help; you could give lunch time or before school or after school notes) for the students whose grades are slipping. I hand these out discreetly and let the students know that I truly want them to succeed.

The first 30 seconds of class, I project on the board what is due. There is always a Duolingo owl with the words "One time a day!" next to it.

I reward the students who keep their streaks on Duolingo. I have a bucket of cheesy toys and buttons and stickers, just like a child would get rewarded at the dentist's office.

I told two of my classes that the second everyone turned in their homework, I would know that they all understood, and they would get extra credit on the very next assignment.

I have colleagues who give class time for homework. For me, this defeats the purpose of trying to get things in the students' long-term memory, which is a struggle we have in the World Language department. My homework is only meant to be five minutes a night, so that the vocabulary stays in their working memory.

You will never get 100% compliance. Just do the best you can. Also consider if there are wi-fi or technology problems that you need to differentiate for.

Hope this helps!

[deactivated user]

    Maybe tell them they're will be consequences if they don't (for example, you have to stay inside at recess) or, rewards them when they do, like giving candy. I hope this helped. Have a wonderful day/night

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