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So dang small

I lived in an arabic speaking country and spoke but couldn't read or write ... trying to learn now thru Duo ... but .. the words are typed so dang small i can't see them, and yes I can magnify my window but then I lose the edges and also doesn't help that much ... PLEASE Duo, at least for first two levels make the arabic script LARGER so we can see it while we are learning .. I find myself guessing and clickinguntil correct simply because i cannot see the letters properly as they are so stinking small. PLEASE ENLARGE them.

November 26, 2019



I totally agree. The words are so small, you cannot distinguish the different letters of Arabic. Could the Duolingo team please change this? Is there a way to contact the team who is building the site?


They are small. Especially the diacritical marks. In 10-point font they all just look like a little smear above the letter.


I love learning new languages with Duolingo. I started Arabic 2 weeks ago and am fond of it. But I have also great difficulties in reading the Arabic letters in some of the exercises. It is really too small. I would be very grateful, if they could be much much larger !!!


Couldn't agree more, it's so small that it's basically illegible.


I also have trouble with the same thing! This really needs some fixing.

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