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"We are going to socialize at my house tonight."

Translation:E launa ana kākou ma koʻu hale i kēia pō.

November 26, 2019



"i" a me "ma" like, pololei kēia


Both ma ko'u hale and i ko'u hale are accepted.


There are at least 4 other correct versions of this sentence: switching the order of i/ma, switching the order of the propositional phrases/'awe.


Were they all not accepted? Did you report them?


I am not sure when to use hui ana and launa ana?


If you are going to get together or meet generally, then use hui. if you are getting together to have a good time, then use launa. Meeting at the beach would be launa. Meeting at my house generally would be hui unless it it will be a social event. Then it would be launa.


could you use ka'u instead of ko'u?


No - they both mean "my," but which you use depends on the noun it's modifying ("O category" and "A category"). "Hale" is an O category noun, so "ko'u" is used. "Keiki," as another example, is an A category noun, so "ka'u" would be used.

Ko'u hale. Ka'u keiki.

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