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Skills mastered that I didn't exercise?

I did a lot of translating. Twice in the middle of translating I got the message that I mastered a skill. Now I can't take the lessons of those two. I just can practice. Anyone else experience this? One of them was conjunctions, the other prepositions.

April 13, 2012



If you had to deal with conjunctions and prepositions in your translation (which is almost certainly the case ;-) ) you earn skill points for these topics. If you've earned enough points, the corresponding lessons will be marked as 'learned'. Since there isn't any real difference between 'learning' and 'practicing' a skill, I guess you should be fine with it...


Good to know. I'll keep on practicing then.


I had this with conjunctions. Well actually it told me I'd mastered after doing a lesson, but I had enough points already to mean that lesson 3 of 4 (I think) was the one that gave me mastered. It's not a major issue, but I would like to be able to do the lesson I didn't get to.

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