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  5. "IRN BRU agus cù"

"IRN BRU agus "

Translation:IRN BRU and a dog

November 26, 2019



Irn Bru is a fizzy drink. It is bright orange and very sweet. I think it tastes like liquid Turkish delight. The slogan on the bottle says, "Made in Scotland from girders."


OK, I have to ask, what do they mean by "girders"? The only meaning I know of is a steel structural support. What kind of girder can you make a fizzy drink from?


Yep, they mean those kind of girders! Google "made in scotland from girders" for some classic old adverts. Traditional morning after drink to stave off a hangover!


The colour of IRN BRU is something like the colour of paint that is applied to girders to prevent rusting.


It's just a pun on 'IR[o]N'. I think you are over-analysing it...


You had me at "Liquid Turkish delight". The slogan is also amazing. I wouldn't mind YouTube ads if every advert was made and read by Scots ;)


As Ariaflame wrote, it is hard to describe the flavour of IRN BRU. The colour is orange but it does not taste orangey. I took a page from the wine tasters' handbook. They say, "I can taste blackberries", although there are no berries in it. IRN BRU reminded me of Turkish delight, but it has been many years since I drank it. It is too sweet for me.


I think it tastes like Faygo's "Rock and Rye." My Scottish wife disagrees.


Whereas I hate turkish delight and like Irn Bru, to me it tastes... a bit citric, but also a kind of 'heat'. It's very hard to describe.


It reminds me of bubble gum as well


I've taken to deacribing it as a citrus cream soda, almost like an Orange Julius, but with more fizz


I was about to ask what IRN BRU was, so thanks!


Please do not give your dog IRN BRU!


Yeah, don't waste it on the dog!


11/10 best course


Is there a reason why IRN BRU is all in caps?


It's the name of a soft drink in Scotland, and is spelled on the bottle/can "IRN BRU" in the same way "Coca Cola" has both of it's c's capitalised.


So, it's a brand? It's strange to have a brand here, it looks like an ad, and it's strange to keep the all caps from a brand or a logo. On Wikipedia, Irn-Bru is written normally.


It's more of an institution. Barr is the company that makes it. They do make other drinks but Irn-Bru is basically the drink in Scotland which outsells Coca Cola. It's as much of a Scottish drink as uisge-beatha (whiskey)


Scotland is the only country in the world that does not have Coca-Cola as the best selling soft drink. Of course that honour falls to Irn Bru. So yes, an institution.

[deactivated user]

    I think Irn Bru is a matter of taste.


    I hope Duolingo is getting some sort of consideration from Irn Bru for advertising it...


    No. One of the main course creators is aye fond of it, that’s all.


    I never tried either one of them, now I want to try both!


    The pronunciation reminds me of "Irn Bru gets ye through"


    So if I should go to Scotland should I order an IRN BRU?


    Best sentence ever :P !!


    Ayyyyy irn bru ! To be fair it is scotlands drink and our language so im not too suprised haha


    Of course IRN BRU is mentiones in the first couple lessons. A Scottish cultural icon!


    I translated it the same but it said i was wrong???


    This sounds wierd


    What IS IRN BRU? Why is the definition of the word just the word repeated?


    It’s a name of a wildly popular Scottish soft drink. The name in English is the same as it is in Gaelic.

    See Notes on Lesson 1.


    Thank you so much, 2GreyCats. I finally did find the explanation in the Notes, I should have looked there first.


    No worries! A lot of people using the app version don’t realize the Tips and Notes page exists. But it’s at the beginning of every lesson set.


    Yes, that was me, in spite of having used the app for a long time. But at least now I know.


    Nice to see what it looks like, thanks.


    Why is Irn Bru written without but Cù with accent but pronounce the same?


    1) IRN BRU is a product brand name. 2) They aren’t pronounced the same. The vowel sound in is longer in duration.

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