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  5. "Tha Calum mòr."

"Tha Calum mòr."

Translation:Calum is big.

November 26, 2019



What is tha? And why is the "T" not pronounced?


"tha" is the equivalent of "to be." The word order in Gaelic is verb-subject-object VSO, so the verb for being, "tha," comes before the subject "doing" the verb, Calum. "Tha Calum" is effectively "Calum is."


If you were to translate word for word into English Tha basically means "am" or "are" or "is". You also have 'S e and 'S ann, which also take the place of am. These form the Gaelic equivalent of the copula.

The difference between the three is if you are describing or identifying something. If you are describing something, you use tha. If you are identifying something you use 'S e or 'S ann (because they are emphatic and by identifying something you are emphasising what it is in Gaelic).

For example.

Tha am bòrd mòr - the table is big

'S e bòrd a th'ann - it is a table

'S e is used when you are emphasising a noun and 'S ann is used when emphasising anything else.

For example you would use the phrase 'S ann in the sentence

'S ann air a` bhus a chunnaic mi Iain - On the bus, I saw Iain.


Also th in Gaelic is a blend that makes an h sound. Words that start with a t will sometimes have an h added in depending on their place in the sentence, which will change the initial sound of the word.


About the "th": Like English, Gaelic uses the Latin alphabet in its own way. In English, "h" is put after "c," "s," and "t" to represent other sounds. Gaelic also uses an "h" after other consonants -- b, c, d, f, g, m, p, s, t -- to change the way they are pronounced. Here are a couple of helpful resources for pronunciation: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Appendix:Scottish_Gaelic_pronunciation https://youtu.be/fnOKl5EPFtc


"Calum is big."

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Does anyone kniw how to get the accents? I've reached the language limit (five) on my keyboard. ☹️


hold down the letter key and a menu pops up


Swift keyboard app


i'm glad someone brought up "bòrd mòr" in the comments... i just encountered it as such: "seo bòrd mòr" and the answer was "this is a big table". i answered, "this big table". a previous lesson went this way: "an gàrradh snog" (the nice garden) and "tha an gàrradh snog" (the garden is nice). do "seo" and "tha" operate the same way, implying "something is"--with "seo" just specifying "[this thing here] is"?


Seo X = this is X. Is seo an X = this is an X. An X seo = this X. Tha an X seo = the X is here (but I wouldn't say it).

Can be done much the same with "Sin" for "that is.


"Tha" is a form of the verb "be.": is, am, are. "Seo" means "this" but sometimes the verb is implied.


Tá aigne bréan orm


how do you say the r at the end of mòr ??


Is the audio correct pronunciation? I heard a b sound at the beginning of mòg and a d at the end, even after seeing the correct answer & listening to the slow version.

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