Why's Duolingo asking for "i uka" and "i kai" in the direction lessons? Doesn't everyone say mauka/makai... and wouldn't "ma" be more appropriate than "i" here anyway given the permanence of locations?

November 26, 2019


Aloha e @MJDunphy, It is true that they are basically the same, but there is slight difference in the suggestion of movement occurring or not, or if stationary.

Contrast the two below:

  • "Aia ko ʻanakē hale ma uka."
  • "E hele kākou i kai!"

In pidgin, we only say "ma uka" or "ma kai," but that doesnʻt mean it is the same i ka ʻōlelo hawaiʻi.

Helpful as always @KekoaMonkey, mahalo nui loa :) That is much more clear now.

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