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The language of my ancestors

Finally! I am able to practice a language that so many people in my family from the Gordon, Cummings and Davi(e)s clan have spoken. I am already getting into touch with family members through Arabic & Hebrew, Yiddish is on it's way.... my grandfather spoke Cymraeg (Welsh) which (Brythonic branch) is different from the Godoitic branch of Celtic languages.. and I love learning Welsh but Scottish Gaelic is the language of the majority of my family., thank you Duolingo for the course!!! Thank you to all the contributors!!!!

November 26, 2019



Hmm I wonder what a program in Scots would be like...but there are SOO many languages still to create and others to keep growing.


I used to live in Scotland and heard people speaking Scots Gaelic natively when I was on the Hebridean island of Barra in the 80’s. Then I married into the Nield family which I hear is a branch of the McNeills from Barra. Fabulous country, fabulous island and fabulous language. Great to have a chance to learn a little of it. Thanks contributors!


Awesome! My friend from Edinburgh kept on talking about Barra "It's the only place we know about to go on holiday" just with a bit more cussing.

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Yesss! The last of my heritage languages. I have English, Scottish, French and Dutch ancestry so now I can learn all of them. Thank you Duo,

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