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  5. "I can wash the dirty dog."

"I can wash the dirty dog."

Translation:Canem sordidum lavare possum.

November 26, 2019



It can just as well be "canem sordidam," since the noun for dog (canis, canis) is either masc. or fem., with no change of form. The adjective will reflect whether the dog is male or female. SO, just as canem sordidum is correct, whenever the dog is male, so also canem sordidam is correct, whenever the dog is female. (Duo thought my version was a "typo.")


There is no difference between "canem sordidum" and "sordidum canem". In Latin the order of words is irrelevant.


Not irrelevant; but it doesn't follow English word order, that's for sure.


Good for you!

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