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Problems with lessons

A few times now I have been half way through a lesson when I have suddenly been sent right back to the beginning of the lesson. Frustrating. Is this happening to anyone else?

July 29, 2012



Are you checking your hearts? You lose hearts for mistakes. Once you've lost all three, they send you back to the beginning of the lesson.


I still had three hearts left.


I'd completed every level in gold up until the first lock, but then sometimes, one of the areas I've gotten through goes back to being 3/4 complete. It really pisses me the f*ck off. I've spent enough time on it to get where I am just to be told that it's lost my progress!? Anyone else have this problem?


yup... its annoying. I can't even get out of lesson 1/3. I've done it ten times but every time I complete it I'm just sent to my homepage and I never get credit for the lesson. I had the same problem with 1/1 and 1/2 but I got credit and the coins after the 3rd or 4th attempts. I'm running out of patience for what should be the most popular site and app in the US.

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