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  5. "Men eat three bananas."

"Men eat three bananas."

Translation:आदमी तीन केले खाते हैं।

November 26, 2019



I am too confused


I do not understand when to use "he and ho". Anyone to help me?


है (hai) is used for all third-person singular subjects as well as तू (the very informal form of 'you')
Eg: वह आदमी केला खाता है - That man eats bananas
तू खेला खाता है - You eat bananas (addressed to very close friends and family who are of around the same age as you)

हैं is used for all third person plural subjects, हम ('we') as well as आप (the formal form of 'you')
Eg: वे आदमी केला खाते हैं - Those men eat bananas
हम केला खाते हैं - We eat bananas
आप केला खाते हैं - You eat bananas (addressed to people older than you, in a position of authority, those you want to be formal with and most strangers)

हो is only used when the subject is तुम (the form of 'you' that's intermediate in formality).
Eg: तुम केला खाते हो - You eat bananas (addressed to people of the same age as you or younger and certain other people you are close to)

हूँ is only used when the subject is मैं (I).
Eg: मैं केला खाता हूँ - I eat bananas


Very helpful. Thank you


Yes of course Plural no used to he And singular no used to ho. Understand


why did it end with हैं


Can i learn hindi from telugu instead of English


It is not correct


Admi to 3 se ziyada or 3 se kam kele bhi kha sakte h to 3 hi q bola admi kele khate h yea bhi bol sakte the


Everything I put was correct. Thgis has happenbed repeatedlty.


Tīn can come before aadmi

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