"Quanti anni ha lui?"

Translation:How old is he?

April 25, 2013

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I translated it rather literally, as "How many years does he have?" but apparently that's incorrect... Is it really incorrect, or should it be accepted?


Your translation seems really useful in that it demonstrates how Italian is used and teaches us how to think about the way to form correct Italian sentences. In my opinion, literal translation should always be accepted, then a better more idiomatic phrase may be suggested within the current format of duolingo. Suggest you report it for the experts to have a think about.


You're right, usually both literal and idiomatic phrases do work, but knowing how to express age is pretty important and 'how many years does he have' sounds more like a question for a crystal ball ;)


Not necessarily. Consider: "He has to finish his course work before his stipend runs out." "How many years does he have?"

"When he pays off his mortgage, he can afford to travel." "How many years does he have?"

. . . but how would you say that differently in Italian?


quanti anni ha lui fino whatever you want to ask about (maybe, i'm only learning)


I don't agree. One of the keys to learning a language is to think in the target language.


Lol me too! I thought the scenario was someone asking a doctor how many years does he have left!


I did that several times, on one it was correct, the other said I was wrong.


Do italians hear it as that. "How many years"


He is sent to prison. How many years does he have?


Though it was 6 years since Chris123456 posted about literal translation, for me it holds true today. To understand the language that is foreign to oneself it is important to understand the literal and the suggestive to more fully grasp the language


I was weary when I read that sentence. Reminded me a little a bit of Spanish. Did the same mistake with tengo and never again. Seems like my hunch was write.


For those who are still confused: "Quanti anni ha lui?" is the same as "'how old is he?" but could also mean "how many years does he have?" as in a disease-death sentence or something. In my opinion, however, "how old is he?" is a better translation because this is one of the most basic units, so you're supposed to be learning how to ask someone their age.


I said "what is his age?" Wrong!


Interesting. I did the same. Obviously with the same result. Do not really understand why this is not ok ....


This sentence is wrong. It is better how many years does he have?


"How many years does he have?" is not how you'd say it in English. You'd say "How old is he?"


Also,,how many years has he?


What is his age......??? Wrong..... It must be "how old is he?" . I find that to be incorrect....


Why is "what is his age" wrong

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