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  5. "Chan eil muc beag."

"Chan eil muc beag."

Translation:A pig is not small.

November 27, 2019



I think this would work better as "the pig is not small" rather than "a pig is not small" as a pig can be relatively small


It's less about the meaning of the sentence and more about the grammar of it. 'A pig is not small' is grammatically correct, even if it doesn't sound like something you would say.

Gaelic doesn't have an indefinite article, so there is no way of differentiating between a pig and pig. Both are translated as muc. This is what is being taught here.

Gaelic does have a definite article though, so 'the pig is not small' would be 'chan eil a' mhuc beag'.


If this means 'A pig is not small' how would you say, 'This is not a small pig'?


"Chan e muc bheag a tha seo," I think.


Sows are generally massive but piglets and boar less so. What are the Gaèlic fer 'boar', 'sow' and 'piglet', pls?

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