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  5. "The hammer is not light."

"The hammer is not light."

Translation:Chan eil an t-òrd aotrom.

November 27, 2019



The hyphen isn't represented in the words you build the sentence from. Can't this be done?


No. It is a limitation of the Duolingo system.


Here "òrd" seems to be sounded "oort" whereas elsewhere it's "oorsht" Is this dialect from different places?


Short Answer

Long Answer
Yes. "oorsht" /ɔːʃt/ is how I would pronounce it. I think it is far more common in real life, especially if you exclude the outer islands, than it appears to be on Duolingo. There was never any attempt to use a representative sample of speakers in Duolingo, so whilst it is all good Gaelic you should not use it as a guide to what is common.

I have given a detailed analysis of the limited evidence on another question for a similar word with a slender vowel. Everything there apart from the last two paragraphs should broadly apply to òrd, even though there may be slight difference between rd and rt. There is some confusion as to whether there is a difference between rt and rd at all. The data for àrd has a three-way split - rather than the two-way for the ceart, with lots of subtle variations, but many examples of each of of /rd/, /rt/ and /rʃt/. I was surprised to find a lot fewer examples of the /ʃ/ in rd than in rt. I have no idea if this is still the case. D

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