"muc agus "

Translation:a pig and a dog

November 27, 2019



I'm so used to a "coo" being a cow, it'll take some reprogramming!


If you've ever heard of Cu Chulainn, the famous Irish legendary hero, his name translates as "The Hound of Culann". Irish and Scots Gaelic having a lot of crossover (but I tried learning Irish and it was a terrible decision and I got all tied up in knots knowing bits and pieces of Gaelic already). Here's a Wiki about him https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C%C3%BA_Chulainn


Are you familiar with Oisin/Ossian?


Is it better to learn Gaelic first before learning Irish? Thanks


Your not the only one




One of the recordings of the male voice saying "muc" badly muffled.


Yeah... Sounds like "mufk"


The "f" you're hearing is actually more "h" like. It's called "preaspiration" and is a feature of Scottish Gaelic (see here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scottish_Gaelic_phonology_and_orthography#Preaspiration). It gets added before sounds like p t k (called "voiceless stops")


Also there are no accent choices for the letters. In the Polish course it seems to assume we don't have all the accented letters. I know I can do a ú for Irish letters but not how to do it for the accent facing the other way which is what is used in Scottish Gaelic. Perhaps worth adding the vowels with the accents for people to choose from if they're not using a mobile device?


Wonderful suggestion! Until then, if you use a phone, it normally gives the common Latin accents on them.


As for computers, you’re welcome to download or change your settings to the International keyboard if there is one!

There are many helpful post on this subject right here on Duo! Take a look for yourself using the search tool! :- )


I struggled with this, too, and posted the solution I found here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/35289006


When I do it it comes up with the accents going the opposite direction, which was great when I tried to learn Irish, but not for learning Gaelic. The two languages are similar, but their accents over the letters go in opposite directions for whatever reason.


The UK-extended Windows keyboard makes the grave (Scottish Gaelic) accent when pressing the key next to 1 then the appropriate vowel key; it makes the acute (Irish) accent when holding AltGr (right Alt) and pressing the vowel key.


Word muc was muffled and hard to distinguish.


Is agus said agus or ayus?


I seem to have reached a point where I can go no further , the phrase to translate is "muc agus cu" my answer " a pig and a dog, and it tells me that that is incorrect and the correct meaning is "a pig and a dog" what do i do ?


Me too. Just going round in circles with pigs, dogs and cats. Tried logging out/in and still the same.


Capital letters and full stops seem to affect the results got past the wild life lol


If this is happening then it sounds alot like a bug. Did you report at the time on Duo itself? Not an accusation or anything, it just helps us to pinpoint things. If it is a bug then you will need to post on the troubleshooting forum as we SG moderators are not staff and don't have any control over software. Hope you get it sorted!


My sound is waaay off on this one. Sounds like bouff agus cù.


Cannot get the Gaelic accents on my phone


Just hold down the letter for a few seconds, and it will show you choices with different accents over the letters.


You might need to make sure that Scots Gaelic language is enabled on your keyboard.


I thought "cú" was cow


Why did "muc" sound like "book


Why does it both sound like cow? Italian "muca" and german "Kuh"... I think, there are too many cattle named similar across the world.


How would I add the accents?

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