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"Sine dubio, cena in mensa est."

Translation:Without a doubt, dinner is on the table.

November 27, 2019



Is "no doubt" an incontrovertibly incorrect translation for "sine dubio?" I ask because I tried it and Duo just hooted derisively and gave me a BIG RED X. I didn't want to report it as "My answer should be accepted" because I quite frankly don't know if it should. Advice, anyone?


The Lewis and Short latin dictionary (Lewis, Charlton T. & Short, Charles. (1849). Harpers’ Latin Dictionary: A New Latin Dictionary Founded on the Translation of Freund’s Latin-German Lexicon.) when I search for dubio, has "sine dubio" translated as without doubt, doubtless, indisputably, certainly. That certainly sounds like "no doubt" in modern english to me. Personally, I like "Doubtless" the best, but it's not accepted yet either.


tibi dico report it! i reported "undoubtedly".


The "in" is very difficult to hear


Probably because the /n/ in in is partly assimilated to the following [m] sound in mensa here.


Just realised what "sine metu" means on the Jamiesons bottle.


Sine: is it pronounced with a short i as in sin or a long e as in seen? I assume long e, but the male and female speakers pronounced it differently.


It's disputed. Sidney Allen (Vox Latina) argues for /ɪ/ ("sin"), while Calabrese (2003) argues for /i/ ("seen"). I find the latter more convincing.


In the male speaker's pronunciation, it sounded more like cenae than cena.


I don't know why, I wrote Sine dubiō, cēna immēnsa est "without a doubt, the dinner is huge."


Their pronunciation is very bad. Sometimes, there is no sound, the microphone is bad, their linkings are not consistent, sometimes long, sometimes short ... it is just awful.


Doubtless, dinner is on the table

is not accepted. Why?


why not: Without a doubt, the dinner is on the table.


Terrible sound: Instead of cena in mensa I heard a nonsense similar to klima mimenta

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