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"Sine dubio, cena in mensa est."

Translation:Without a doubt, dinner is on the table.

November 27, 2019



The "in" is very difficult to hear


Probably because the /n/ in in is partly assimilated to the following [m] sound in mensa here.


Just realised what "sine metu" means on the Jamiesons bottle.


Sine: is it pronounced with a short i as in sin or a long e as in seen? I assume long e, but the male and female speakers pronounced it differently.


It's disputed. Sidney Allen (Vox Latina) argues for /ɪ/ ("sin"), while Calabrese (2003) argues for /i/ ("seen"). I find the latter more convincing.


Is "no doubt" an incontrovertibly incorrect translation for "sine dubio?" I ask because I tried it and Duo just hooted derisively and gave me a BIG RED X. I didn't want to report it as "My answer should be accepted" because I quite frankly don't know if it should. Advice, anyone?


tibi dico report it! i reported "undoubtedly".


The Lewis and Short latin dictionary (Lewis, Charlton T. & Short, Charles. (1849). Harpers’ Latin Dictionary: A New Latin Dictionary Founded on the Translation of Freund’s Latin-German Lexicon.) when I search for dubio, has "sine dubio" translated as without doubt, doubtless, indisputably, certainly. That certainly sounds like "no doubt" in modern english to me. Personally, I like "Doubtless" the best, but it's not accepted yet either.

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