" agus cat"

Translation:a dog and a cat

November 27, 2019



As someone who speaks Irish, this already is so similar. In Irish means hound and agus and cat are the exact same in Irish.

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Is there aspiration (like an h sound) before the "t" in "cat"?




See: https://learngaelic.scot/dictionary/index.jsp?abairt=cat&slang=both&wholeword=false


Whenever I hear a Scottish person say cu, it takes all my effort not to type or think "cow" - like Highland coo. . . face/palm


I agree... ^.^


The Scottish accents seem to descend from the left to the right, while the Irish accents seem to descend from right to left. Is that correct? Is there a simple explanation for the profound difference in at least partly related languages?


Does Scottish galleáis not have article adjectives?


there should be the possibility to add accented letters, like in Norwegian or Spanish... thanks (and no, I'm not using a tablet) ;p


Okay, short-term, if you’re on a desktop PC, go to Start, then Windows Accessories, and open Character Map. In there, you can find à, è, ì, ò, ù, and make a note of the Alt-xxxx code for each one. Put those on a Post-it, to look at. (If you’re on a desktop Mac, I don’t know where to find the other characters).

However, I saw in the Duo forum for Gaelic that the “accent tiles” for Gaelic are coming soon.


great news! I know I can use the character map, I just wanted the Duolingo shortcut ;)


Thanks for the info! I'll try that. I know they give accents in the Norwegian program.


If you’re on a mobile device or a tablet, you can just touch-hold on the letter, and the variant characters will pop up.


GREAT! accented letters have arrived! :D


Hi, my second post ever, first for Gàidhlig, Can someone direct me to where I can find the accented lettering? I copied and pasted "Gàidhlig" into this but haven't found a source where I can find the alphabet yet. thanks in advance x


On a mobile or a tablet, if you long-touch the letter you want, the accented variants will appear so you can select the one you want.


we really need a way to add accents, such as in the german lessons


On a mobile or a tablet, if you long-touch the letter you want, the accented variants will appear so you can select the one you want.


Thank you. I will give that a go


Added on the website now (as of mid December 2019) :-)


How do I know it is "a dog and a cat" not only "dog and cat", which was marked wrong... How could I say the last one?


The same way, actually. Gaelic has no indefinite article. I believe that’s explained in the Tips for Lesson 1.


I just typed dog and cat and it was marked right?!?!?!


Yes, either way is correct. a dog and a cat or just dog and cat.


Just wondering if anyone can advise on "and/agus" is the letter "g" silent or is it pronounced? aGus or aYus?


The letter "g" is pronounced. aGus. But Scots may be a wee bit like Pittsburgher's who usually slur their words together so that it may sound like aYus when spoken very fast. Correct way is to pronounce the "g".


I don't really understans when to put an 'a' in the beginning of the translation. Can this be translated as 'dog and cat' as wellor just as 'a dog and a cat'?


Here in Brasil, "cu" is a swear word. Interesting.


What does it mean?


Well, I'm not sure if the translation will make sense because those are very brazilian expressions, but if you don't mind the bad language, let me introduce you to the most versatile bad word in brazilian portuguese. cu means arse hole, not figuratively speaking like calling someone an idiot, but actually having the literal meaning. And you can use it in the most diverse way:

  • Your "cu" = I don't believe you, or I vehemently disagree with you
  • A "cu" = something annoying
  • Go have it in your "cu"= go ❤❤❤❤ yourself
  • What a cu= exasperation
  • Who has cu, has fear= talking about being careful.

there are a lot of other expressions that I can't remember right now. Anyway, it was hilarious to me trying to translate that lol


How can I tell the difference between saying "A dog and A cat" from just saying "dog and cat"?


I keep coming across "chu" (with the sign above it, I'm on a computer and I don't know how to put it there) as one of the possible answers in the multi-choices. It keeps coming up with "cu" (again, with a sign), but does it actually mean something? Just curious.

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