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  5. "Hawa ni wanafunzi"

"Hawa ni wanafunzi"

Translation:These are pupils

November 27, 2019



When I hear "hawa ni..." I start parsing it as "they do not (object: me)..." and I'm expecting some verb stem to follow, e.g. "hawanipendi" for "they do not like me". I know that in theory the prosody would be different, but in the audio I can't hear any emphasis on the first syllable of "hawa". For native speakers, does it sound different from the outset (i.e. it's just my inexperience that makes this difficult for me), or do they also not know whether a verb stem or noun is about to follow, and only retrospectively interpret the first part of the phrase after hearing (in this case) "wanafunzi"?


These are the pupils was not accepted. Why? I think it should be.


why not also "these are students" or "these are the students"

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