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  5. "Bha deagh fheasgar ann."

"Bha deagh fheasgar ann."

Translation:It was a good afternoon.

November 27, 2019



fine equals good ?


Why does 'deagh' cause 'feasgar' to lenite in this case? And what it the difference between deagh and math?


i put "bha deigh fheasgar ann" - there was ICE - which was obviously wrong However, the answer was that "I had a typo" No I picked the wrong word, so my answer was wrong! I like your "you have a typo" when I make a small slip, such as missing a lenition or single quote, that way I know I have made a small slip but don't have to answer again at the end of the section. In this case "i" for "a" was not a typo, it was a mistake and I should have been forced to do it again.


I know, but unfortunately this is a Duolingo issue and not one we can fix I'm afraid :(

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