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  5. "Tapadh leibh athair."

"Tapadh leibh athair."

Translation:Thank you, father.

November 27, 2019



why do we use "leibh" instead of "leat" ? I am guessing that leibh is the formal version? should you always use that form when speaking to your parents?


Yes it's the formal or plural version. I saw in another thread that it depends on what your family is like whether you should use the formal version with them or not. In some families people are expected to be formal with their elders and in others they're not, it just depends on how you were brought up.


How come the final 'r' of 'athair' is pronounced like 'th'?


A slender r (i.e. one that appears next to e or i in spelling) is pronounced like that in Lewis.

[deactivated user]

    Is athair also the vocative form of "father"?


    That was also my question. But if it is the vocative form, why is the "a" before the word "father" missing?


    I finally found an answer to this! They explain it in the Names lesson. The "a" is used for names or titles that begin with a consonant, or if a word starts with an f and a consonant (like fl). The "a" is not used when a name or title begins with a vowel, like in athair.

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