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"Cofaidh! Tapadh leat a phiuthar!"

Translation:Coffee! Thank you, sister!

November 27, 2019



Leat it informal/singular Leibh is formal/plural


Isnt leat for like peers or something?


The grammar is fairly easy to grasp so far, but the pronunciation is killing me. Especially when lenited, pronunciation just has to be accepted as it comes, and without learning the rules specifically, my brain threatens to give up. When learning in actual classes in Scotland (assuming one didn't learn at mum's and dad's side), do they begin with pronunciation or start with words/phrases and just pick it up?


They'd start with the Gaelic alphabet and sounds, in any kind of formal course. I recommend finding a resource for that, at least.


Can some help me with the correct pronunciation of phiuthar? I'm having difficulty with it.

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