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"Harvard is a very famous university."

Translation:هارْفارْد جامِعة مَشْهورة جِدّاً.

November 27, 2019



I honestly think that there is a mistake in the way Harvard is transcripted into arabic. The third and sixest characters should be "r like" and I read "z like". Google translate backs me on this point but ... I am a novice.


I can see why you are reading these letters as "z", but they really are both "r". If you can zoom in to make the text much bigger, you will be able to see that what initially may look like a dot over these letters, is, in fact, a little ring (like an "o"), which is the sukun: the "accent" that means that this letter is not followed by a vowel. Hope this helps. You do seem to have to have very good eyesight to read Arabic, because it always seems to be in a very small font!

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