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la moto vs. el peli.

In "skill/es/Objects/3" they use la moto for the bike/motorcycle.

I understand that moto is short for motocicleta, and that is why moto is feminine. But a friend of mine from Spain refers to a movie as el peli. Even though that is a shortening of la pelicula.

I looked up la moto online and that seems to be correct. But what of el peli? Is that just slang, so it doesn't conform to the rules?

6 years ago


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I have never heard "el peli" here in Spain. Always "la peli". Maybe some kind of regional curiosity, but it should be feminine.

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I've noticed even native speakers sometimes make mistakes. If you ask about it, they might not understand the rule themselves, or they know it but the wrong word just slips out.

I think of it like people in English saying something like "My friend and me" when they should say "my friend and I". Most of us know that you should say "I", but a lot will say "me" when you're speaking informally and not thinking about your grammar.

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You're both probably right.

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