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Speaking Our Language - A fun TV show to supplement Duolingo

Halò agus fàilte!

Years ago when I first attempted to learn Scots Gaelic, I came across this lovely TV show called 'Learning Our Language'. It takes place in the Hebrides and follows characters through many daily activities.

It features spoken Gaelic, and has subtitles. I believe this will be a brilliant tool as a supplement to Duolingo.

You can find a playlist of episodes from all 3 series here on YouTube below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UeYlpmewx8&list=PLX1DGbPK9r2HAKpdfY70bT4wGzxPvQ3v_

Good luck.

November 27, 2019



This is also available on the LearnGaelic website with notes, worksheets and transcriptions: https://learngaelic.scot/sol/episodes/1-18.jsp


Speaking our language is excellent, not only as a language resource but because of super uncool 90s vibe it has haha, it's definitely quite dated by now.


Totally agree. I've been watching it to help with a Gaelic beginners course at uni and my boyfriend started watching it too because it's so 90s - I particularly love all the awkward conversations in train stations and in the street.


Gle mhath! Yes we were recommended watching it in school and university. Always good to hear people actually speaking it as well with some context.


Nice, i was hoping I could find some other things to help me learn, and I didnt have to look far :) Now, if only i could find Dr. Who dubbed in gaelic....


Yes, I have been watching it little by little. It's great! There's a wee bakery the size of our garage on Benbecula-- wish I could visit that for myself!

I will say, though, that the couple of "Aig an Taigh" mini drama episodes where Mr. MacLeoid is having troubles ris an òl (with the drink) are a bit depressing. Hope he gets sorted with it soonish.


About three years ago i have seen this lessons on you tube and i learned a few things that was helpful for being a turist on Skye. Ordering coffee, day hello and other useful things. But i love gàidhlig and i am so glad with this duolingo course. I use duolingo for 6 other language, but norwegean and gàidhlig are my favourites.


I have a strong suspicion that the presenter of Speaking our Language is one of the voices on here, Rhoda someone - Mackenzie, maybe? One voice sounds very familiar, from way back then.


She’s not, although she’d be brilliant!


Indeed! You do have someone who sounds very like her - must come from the same place. :)


Does anyone know any cartoons in Gaelic? I've been teaching my son phrases since I started learning Gaelic. He just turned four so the actual duolingo course isn't quite gripping enough for him, but he loves the vocabulary building questions with the pictures. He hits the button and repeats the word. After doing all four I tell him in Gaelic which one they want. I.e. He tries all four buttons, and then I ask which one is tunnag, and he hits "tunnag" and submit. The problem is there're only a few per lesson like that. If there is anything (app or website) like that part of the duolingo course geared toward kids that'd be great. Most anything I've found is Irish. I asked about cartoons because I speak German and found the old "Muzzy in Gondoland" cartoons (probably produced in the 70's by BBC with versions for different languages) and showed him those before he was speaking English and he still watches them. I know he'd enjoy something like that in Gaelic, plus it would help me. When I was in Germany, Angry Beavers, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Cat Dog, and Ren and Stimpy would come on late night. It was a nice break from translating adult level information at native speaker speed, yet still helped my learning of the language. It's also generally not too difficult to figure out new vocabulary in a cartoon, not to mention kids will watch the same one 6 million times and want to see it for a 6 million and first time. Tapadh leibh!


I recently found some Peppa Pig episodes on YouTube in Gaelic! If you have access to BBC iPlayer then the BBC Alba section has lots of kids' shows but some are quite weird...

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