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"My grandma wants to adopt an adult woman."

Translation:Makemake koʻu tūtū e hānai i ka wahine makua.

November 27, 2019



My grandma wants to adopt (THE) adult woman. = Makemake koʻu tūtū e hānai i ka wahine makua.


And that's what i had originally, but when i checked to be sure that was correct, the dropdown translation gave only "he." So, of course, i changed my answer to comply with that, because i thought that was the primary purpose of the documents. But I got it wrong. Was that a trick?? I didn't think Duolingo did that.


DL doesn't seem to be teaching "kekahi" for a/an in the middle of a sentence (instead of "he"), and that would have fit the English sentence perfectly: . . . i kekahi wahine makua. But, of course, it was zapped as an error, and--yes--I said my answer should be accepted. The Hawaiian and English sentences don't match here with "an" being translated as "ka."


Makemake koʻu tūtū wahine e hānai i ka wahine makua.

is now accepted.

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