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THANKS + What is "car" in Gaelic?

Thank you Duolingo for having Scottish Gaelic! I was looking forward to this so much!!

I spent part of my youth on the Isle of Lewis. I don't speak Gaelic (yet).

Please, does anyone know, what is the word for "car" mean in Gaelic? Someting like "bia"? I remember the people talking, but I'm not sure exactly.

Many thanks, wilhemine

November 27, 2019



If you want to look up words on your own, this is the go-to Gaelic online dictionary: https://www.faclair.com


Many thanks!

No, not "càr". There must be another word. I've checked the dictionary but couldn't find it.

Our nanny used to say something like "bia bia" or "büa büa". Do you have any idea what it could be? She was from the Isle of Lewis.

Best, wilhemine


How wee were you? This couldn't maybe be the Gaelic baby-talk equivalent of "beep beep", or some such, using the horn sound to represent the vehicle in this case, like "choo choo" for train? Just a thought.


inneal-giùlain maybe? I looked up vehicle.

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