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  5. "Your buttocks is big."

"Your buttocks is big."

Translation:Tha do thòn mòr.

November 27, 2019



Is singular buttocks a thing in American English? I think I heard it in Family Guy once.


As an American, I'd say your butt is big but your buttocks are big. The is doesn't sound right to me either.


As another American, I'm agreeing with lvitcyex. Your buttocks are big/small/cushiony/scrawny whatever.. You can also say, "That's a fine pair of buttocks!" To an American "your buttocks is big" sounds like someone who doesn't speak standard English.

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Agree with those saying that in English English buttocks is a plural noun and should be "your buttocks are big". (Can't speak for American English.) But I don't think anyone in England would say this is a sentence anyway these days unless a farmer was talking about the buttocks on an animal. For a person I think you would be saying your bottom or bum or ar*e or rear.

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