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Thank you for activating Scottish Gaelic!!!

I'm so excited to see something so new and interesting.

November 27, 2019



I never thought we'd see it here, let alone so soon after it was announced. Exciting!


They obviously have a few very enthusiastic contributors. It's looking very good so far. S'math sin. (pronounced Smashin' - It's good)


Tapadh leat! We have worked flat out but are very happy to see it released!


Tha!!! We need more minority languages on here so happy to see Scottish Gaelic :D


Really been looking forward to this one :-)

Hopefully Cornish will join it soon one day


Ooh yeah! Cornish would be good. They had a bunch of Cornish speakers at a fair on the TV last week and apparently there are now dual English/Cornish signposts which surprised me as I thought it was still a really minority thing. Guess it’s good for tourism which makes for a win-win.


I live in Cornwall and there are a few dual language signs about but not enough! I am originally from Scotland though so I am getting well into the Scots Gaelic course (never learned it when I was living up there).

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Wow, suddenly appeared out of nowhere, fantastic.


Really happy it's now available, will be spending a lot of time on it over the next few months.


Thank you so, so much to the wonderful volunteers that put this together. It's such a wonderful Christmas present to have it so early and your hard work is so appreciated!! Been genuinely getting a bit emotional finally learning a language that fits my accent and references all the names and places I grew up with! It's all me and my friends have been talking about this week. You are amazing!!


Thank you! Tapadh leat!


It showed up out of nowhere and surprised me when I caught the announcement on Twitter yesterday. Of course I'm already poking away at it.


I am delighted. I’ve been waiting so long! I’d be interested to know which version this is based on since I am aware that there are quite a lot of differences between the islands in the language.


Hey! So glad you are enjoying it. Actually, dialectal variations in Scottish Gaelic are not huge at all in this day and age. Not comparable to say, the Irish dialects. This is what you might call "standard Gaelic." Some differences in accent but not the words themselves.


It's amazing, just as I'd been saying that I wanted to start learning it - this brought me back to duolingo for the first time in many years!


I finished the Scottish Gaelic course a few weeks ago and am desperate for new content. Do we know when they will add to the course? I'm finding it a great way to learn what should have been my native language.


For such a new course it’s already quite large. Although the team working on it are great and am sure that now they’ve finished the tips section they’ll be working to expand as soon as they can. But since Duo don’t pay them there’s a real limit on how quick that can be. But have you seen the other sources for studying Gaelic that have been posted on the forum? It sounds like there’s a lot of good ones out there so plenty to get on with while you’re waiting. Enjoy!


Thanks Hope! We are working away at it all the time. Not quite ready for an update but hopefully it won’t be too long off. Some great resources out there.


Nice! We are working away at it. A good amount of new content written but there is a surprising amount involved in getting things prepared for the user end. I’d guess it’ll be a few months at least. LearnGaelic.scot is an amazing website if you are looking for other resources.


I had no idea it was voluntary! Mòran taing. I use numerous other resources but find this method the best for learning and reinforcing


I was surprised by the email as I expected July 2020 according to the last time I checked the incubator. If only Icelandic could come soon too...


I would like to see Bosno-Serbo-Croat-Montenegrin soon too. And Romani. And Cantonese. And Catalan or Occitan.


It's not ideal, but there is the option to learn Catalan from Spanish.


oh thank you.,I will check it ou.


oh the sound is terrible, but I signed up. thanks!


I am working on Catalan too! The positive is I can practice my Spanish and learn Catalan at the same time!


Noticed a few glitches especially in the early units that we have put right. Good news though is that all 6000 sentences have audio from day 1. :)


Yeah I’m studying Icelandic on Drops instead and like the app for what it does but grammar isn’t part of it. It’d be great to see Icelandic - especially as it opens doors to Old Norse - on Duolingo but I thought it wasn’t even in the pipeline? Good to know I’m not the only one hoping though...


So did I. Fingers crossed for Icelandic though; it's been thought of for ages, but there aren't many native speakers of Icelandic :(. I have heard that another language from Scandanavia, Finnish, is close to being finished :)


There are far more native speakers of Icelandic than Scottish Gaelic, I doubt that would be a barrier.


Agreed on Icelandic


I was on it last night! Loving it!


Been waiting for this one! Pleasantly surprised it's come early.


Yes, it is fantastic... I have started with Gaelic recently, and Duolingo is really helpful, as there is some rational order of topics prepared and it speaks so I can learn the pronunciation as well. With so few resources for Gaelic, it is small miracle that this one exists...


yeah it was making good progress but very surprised it was out so fast! And so far so good <3


I caught the news on Facebook. I wasn't expecting it so soon. It looks good so far for a brand-new course.

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