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"I am a teacher. I am not clever though."

Translation:'S e tidsear a th' annam. Chan eil mi glic ge-tà.

November 27, 2019



If you're female, would you say "Chan eil mi ghlic ge-tà"?


I don't think so, you're saying something/someone is something - e.g. Tha Mòrag mòr: Morag is big. If you're using it as a qualifying adjective then it is lenited for female nouns - e.g. Tha Mòrag ghlic mòr: Clever Morag is big.

Someone correct me here, if I'm wrong. I also don't know how to accurately describe the grammar at play here.

Hope this is helpful.


Correct, as I understand it.


Is this really something you would want to hear your teacher admit?

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