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  5. "Chan eil Gàidhlig dona."

"Chan eil Gàidhlig dona."

Translation:Gaelic is not bad.

November 27, 2019



I understand that Gàidhlig is the Scottish Gaelic word for "Scottish Gaelic". We frequently prefer to use it rather than Gaelic in order to differentiate it from Irish Gaelic - if you tell someone that you are learning 'Gaelic', they always assume Irish. I will accept the judges marking as wrong, but... just sayin'. When I tell someone I am learning Gaelic I always say Gàidhlig or Scottish Gaelic, not just Gaelic.


I wrote Gàidhlig rather than Gaelic, and I feel it should be accepted. As an Irish speaker I think of the language as Gàidhlig not Gaelic because Gaelic is used also for Irish and Manx. Maybe accept both?


In manx all three languages are referred to with the same word, and you then add the country: "Gealg Vanninnagh", "Gealg Albynagh" and "Gealg Yerinnagh"


It should get fixxed for the names


I got it right still red screen


Is "Chan eil" always going to be "is not"? What is "not" if so?


I wrote gaelic not in the English version and it said i made a mistake....


It will accept mispelling elsewhere but not on this question? Gaidhlig/gealic

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