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  5. "Seo Calum. Tha e snog."

"Seo Calum. Tha e snog."

Translation:This is Calum. He is nice.

November 27, 2019



I misspelled Calum and got it wrong but the rest was correct. What happened to 'you have a typo in your answer'? Disheartening when gramar was correct.


The audio kinda bugs me. The guy saying it is like "tha...... e...... snog" with big pauses.


Remember, it is a beginners┬┤ course.


Bugs me too. It especially bugs me at the pause after Seo. It's such a long pause that it has several times made me question whether he was really saying Seall, since that would have been a complete thought and thus a reasonable place to pause.

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