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Intermittent sound in Scottish Gaelic?

Hi - I've started using the Scottish Gaelic course which is in beta. I only have sound intermittently - sometimes it varies over a set of questions. But the most recent set had no sound with any of the sound icons (the ones included to provide sound for a written question and the questions that are based on sound). Is there no sound because SG is in beta - so everything isn't finished yet, or because I have something else wrong? I'd be happy to hear any suggestions for what to check. Thank you.

edit: OK - I just tried another course (Irish Gaelic) and the sound icons don't work for me there either. So it must be something about my laptop. I do have sound (when I finished the 1st set of questions I got the Duolingo trumpets) -- but the sound icons or questions with sound did not work in the set of questions. I hope that makes sense. It is as if I have a switch for "sound during course" that I have turned off and need to turn back on, but I can't find it. Thanks again.

November 27, 2019



I had several lessons in the Gaelic course which seemed to lack sound, but then it became available after a short delay. Maybe still some beta glitches.


Yes - that's what I was wondering. I just set up my account today also. Thank you.


Some of the language courses are limited in sound... I get sound the same way you do, and it just seems to be normal for certain courses that have made it out of beta version. CHeck out incubator.duolingo.com also if you're just starting out :) It shows you what's in the incubator - what is being created by contributors and such. Happy learning friend!


Thank you for the response. I'll keep in mind that Gaelic is still in beta. I think I figured out that my sound problem was a setting on my own laptop (not Duolingo). I changed that and today seem to always have sound when expected.

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