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  5. "Eilidh is big."

"Eilidh is big."

Translation:Tha Eilidh mòr.

November 27, 2019



Can someone please tell me how to add accents? Thanks in advance.


If you are using a laptop or other device with a keyboard, you should install the international keyboard. There are Youtube videos and various webpages telling you how. Just Google "install international keyboard". Once you are set up, you can type the back-quote key (`) followed by a letter to get things like àèìòù. And various other key combos get you all the other odd things like øåæéíúç etc.


Depends on your device. On a phone, try long pressing the letter for pop up options


there should be a row of vowels with accents already on them just beneath the box where it asks you to write in your answer.


Oh good, they've added them! (the row of clickable vowels was not there when the course first started).


If you're on a keyboard you might be able to install an international keyboard setting that lets you add other accents. Certainly the ones we use with Gaelic.


Also on a computer you can use Alt codes without needing to install anything. Alt + 0242 = ò Depending on your browser you would also have to hold the shift key so Alt + Shift + 0242 = ò Alt + Shift + 0249 = ù Alt + Shift + 0224 = à Those are the most common ones I've had to use so far doing the intro on my computer. Installing an international keyboard would probably be easier now I think of it but, here is another option anyways.


Is Eilidh a male or female name? (Not to be overly binary ....)


I thought I had hit post, and if this doubles up, apologies, but it's a female name, English matches would be Helen or Elaine.


Traditionally female


Difficult but I keep on working on it . I write all the words .


Female, meaning sun or radiant one.


Eilidh is a female name and means "Helen", in english!


I've had huge problems with this and got into a bit of a snorl when trying out some of the suggestions both here and on uTube. Started off by pasting letters from "symbols" onto a word document and then pasting them into the exercises. That's a bit fiddley, so now I list every word I come across with accents on the word doc and paste them in as needed. Not ideal, but less sore on the fingers. I'm hoping a computer engineer will help me in the next few days to access the alternative keyboard easily (without knocking off any more vital stuff) so I can start looking at other languages like French. I think it would help beginners if there was a facility to use accented letters somewhere on the lesson pages, but not sure if that is practical.


It should be. Other languages have that. Certainly French, Italian and Esperanto.


There are duolingo forums, and there will be postings about how to set up keyboards for just about any device and operating system. (When you need tech help it's a good idea to mention what kind of device and which OS you have. For example, iphone, Android, Windows PC, Mac. That way people can tell you what to need to do right away.)


for window, I think this works. https://www.wikihow.com/Put-Accents-on-Letters On a mac, if you have the french keyboard installed, you can hold down the key and a short table of accented letters appears. They are numbered 1-6. select the number on your keyboard corresponding to the accent you want


wouldn't it be "mhòr" since Eilidh is feminine?


No, as the accent is not "connected" to Eilidh.

Eilidh mhòr - Big Eilidh

Tha Eilidh mòr - Eilidh is big


Just starting (Scottish) Gaelic. Would mhòr be pronounced 'vor'?


My keyboard won't let me add accents


You might want to look into getting an extended keyboard (it's a software thing, you don't need new hardware). What form depends on which OS you are using but I have versions for both Mac and Windows so it is possible.


It's pretty hard to add characters with accents when they're not provided at the bottom of the screen (like they are in French).


Well, once you get the keyboard setup done it's fairly easy. But I'm sure it's being worked on. It's barely out of the incubator.


So is a moor like a swamp also called mor? What is the difference in pronunciation? Assuming of course that it is also the same thing in Scottish


No, mòr means big. The ò basically means you just elongate the vowel for a bit, you don't change its sound, just it's length. So it's pronounced like 'more' but with just a bit longer on the o. Not like moor at all which has the english oo sound. There are several words associated with moors and moorland but the most common would be mòinteach, whereas a moor covered in matgrass is riasgach (it may be close to the joke about eskimos having a lot of words for snow). If you want to know about any SG words I recommend using learngaelic.scot which has a dictionary (a lot of the words include an audio file with pronunciation) and other resources.


I have seen texts and videos in Scottish Gaelic in which there are both accents, the grave one and the acute one. I know nowadays the language uses just the grave one. I find it more beautiful with both accents, though. ahahaha


Does gaelic only have 1 accent direction? Example mòr or mór. How do you know specifically when to use an accent? If you're, say, writing a letter?


Originally it did have both directions and there were slight differences, but the orthography got made consistent quite a while back and now all modern gaelic only has the à ò è ì ù accents.


I can't get accents either and I have a 1yr old phone


My phone is a lot older than that and I can. What OS? Holding down the key doesn't show you accents? Did you try installing an international keyboard?


Big can be said "mor", "mora" and "mhor". Are there some rules for using them? In which cases we use each?


I cannot put the accent mark where it is supposed to be


Also, this bear sounds like a bully! :(


I dont know how to do the accents help?

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