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  5. "Tha i cho fuar."

"Tha i cho fuar."

Translation:It is so cold.

November 28, 2019



What is the "i" referring to here? The weather? Is that a feminine noun in Gaelic?


Feminine pronoun (weather)


Couldn't get the pronunciation "i cho" sounded like hoff. What are the rules of pronunciation. I am used to contractions, but don't know them in Gaelic.


Cho is the same as in loch (as in Loch Lomond or Ness); it's said deep in throat. What I hear is ha ee cho... with the ee very close to the cho. "Th" is h but the h is often dropped entirely, or is just an unvoiced stop. The stress is always on the first syllable of a word; I suspect a GĂ idhlig speaker just knows that's the beginning of the word, but the English speaker's ear is confused by it. The below reference is very good; I find it helps to think in terms of slender chunks, where consonants are surrounded by the slender vowels (i, e) and everything happens high in your mouth, versus broad chunks, marked by the broad vowels (a,o,u) around the consonants, and where everything happens low in your mouth: https://learngaelic.scot/littlebylittle/sounds/index.jsp#intro


To me, it sounds like she's saying, "Tha i tha fuar," but I know that couldn't be grammatically correct from what I've learned so far, so I guessed the THA (hah) was actually CHO.

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