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" agus cofaidh! Tapadh leat a charaid!"

Translation:Tea and coffee! Thank you, friend!

November 28, 2019



What does tapadh leat mean specifically? I know the trabslated value is approximately"thank you" but what does it mean 1:1?


"thanks with you"
Gaelic has prepositional pronouns, so le = with, but leam = with me, leat = with you (sing, informal) etc. I expect there will be a lesson on them later in the course :)


Does anyone know by chance where the speakers are from?


"Volunteers who worked on the Gaelic course included Joanne McLennan, a student from Benbecula, and Iagan MacAonghais, a secondary school teacher from Eriskay, who provided many of the voice recordings." BBC news


is "my friend" not a more natural translation?


No, that would require "my" to be present in the Gaelic (mo).


that would be required for a literal translation, but the when expressed in english the phrase is more natural with 'my'


When does good change from Mór to Mhór? Good morning and good afternoon are different so i assume it is not objective/subjective change


'Good' changes from 'math' to 'mhath'. In the extra grammar info provided, it is explained that Gaelic has gender and if a word is feminine gender, then the adjective gets this extra 'h' which causes the first sound to also change in pronunciation.


My worda change thier spelling randomly without saying why and causes me to fail

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