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Contes de fées

Bonjour tout le monde ! Vous avez jusqu'au 1er janvier pour écrire un conte de fées en anglais ( minimum 10 lignes) ! (et interdit à Google traduction ou autre logiciel de traduction) (^_^)

Récompenses : 1er prix : 30 lingots 2ème prix : 20 lingots 3ème prix : 10 lingots

Bonne chance à tous !

November 28, 2019

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Bonne idée, voici des lingots pour doubler les récompenses... (j'aime bien les contes).
Good idea, here are some lingots to double the rewards... (I like fairy tales).


Bonne idée. Un conte de Noël ?

Je t'ai donné quelques lingots pour ta cagnotte. A plus !


it is the story of a prince charming who wanted to marry the daughter of the king of the neighboring kingdom.

 Father, I want to marry Casandre, the daughter of our allies!

Son, she does not deserve you!


there is no son but! you will marry tahnee then you will live happy!

  • But I would be happy with Casandre!

  • Hahahaha !!!! laughs the father!

the son, furious, fled from home, then left Casandre;

-Let's get married!

And he lived happily ever after


Merci à ceux qui m'on donné des lingots !


et un conte de noël c'est une bonne idée mais vous faites comme vous voulez


It is a crazy story, I made a travel in the time.

I was on Arrakis... So, I forgot to tell you that's the only planet in entire univers wich produces the spice. It's not my matter, I am on Dune, with my katana, and my direct neighboors taken me as a princess.

Happiness, I saw a little bug flying in the air, and so, I receive directly some advices.... Don't look the biggest males in their eyes... It's considered as an offense! Repeat always the litany against the scaring....

I thought directly that a crazy event, why me? So, repeat the litany: "I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.

The people directly catched me, and I was trained towards a huggy door, with heavy gardians, so pride...

I fell the pushing of the folish people against my back I' am afraid to lost my sword, I don't any laser weapon, so, I make with it...

I am in front of those imposant doors, I heard a strange noise... It's the opening of those...

It's enterely black, it's the dark... I received a last pushing and i dropped in on vaste room. There is one man, alone...

I see just some details on his face, he is brown, he is beautiful.

He comes, slowly... He's against me, I receive his breathing... He leans his head, will he kiss me? I don't know, my heart is crazy in my chest... He told to me... My name is Paul.... Paul Mud'dib... He continues to lean his head towards my lips...

DRING DRINNNNNNNG DRIIIIIIIING ! I hear a robotic voice: "It's time to wake up!"

Shit, it was just a dream...Oh! Where are you Paul ?

Tribute to Franck Herbert

Ref: https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Dune


I'm sorry for my pitoyable English, I'm just in B1 level, I try to learn a better English with duolingo and other courses, but I have a lot problems with the grammar, and In fact I make a so hugge mistake... Sorry...

I used the litany from wiki, about the bene Gesserit, I'm a fan about this novel.


you're killing? i'm just in D2


Ok, I wan't tell you an amazing story...

Once upon a time... Once upon a time, in an other world, in an other time, in a world where adults were banned, a community of children. they are friends since their birth... One day, a messanger of the king arrived, and he said at the children a prophety : the seamstress must went on the tower to shearch all the propheties to save the world. But I was the messian of the tower, because I am the seamstress... When I arrived in front of the first door of the tower, my friend, entered before me in the room and he say to me : "together, share the joyce and the pain". And he hold the fire prophety... He disappeared in the fire! It was the same thing for all the other rooms! All my friends stole a prophety before to dispappear! Why?! I cried!

But, when I arrived at the top of the tower, without prophecy...


si vous voulez la fin de l'histoire, je vous invite à regarder cette vidéo, d'où j'ai tiré l'histoire, et si vous ne parlez pas anglais et que vous voulez connaitre l'histoire, c'est pareil...

Le lien de la vidéo : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ob8wHTWpBT0

La musique n'est pas française a la base mais c'est une adaptation très bien faite...


Hey, j'aime bien cette histoire, c'est assez amusant et original ce monde d'enfants ^^ Est-ce que tu veux des indications pour améliorer la langue dans ton conte ?

I gave you a lingo because you deserved it for your work ;)


Si tu veux corriger mon texte, je l'accepte volontiers!
Je ne suis pas hyper forte en english...
Et merci pour le lingot!


Sympa comme idée. A suivre!


bon désolé je ne pouvais pas me connecter mais les gagnants du concours sont: 1ere place: SophieFaur4 qui gagne 30 lingots 2eme place: -pro-fil qui gagne 20 lingots et 3eme place:elyes308819 qui gagne 10 lingots il n'y avait que trois participant mais bravo a eux et félicitations !!


And the life runs Sadness heart broken So lenght the days of winter So memories come back Soo dear in my heart Forgotten one moment the frozen of winter What do I do now to be and appreciat this moment Eve.G

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