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  5. "Halò, a bheil Gàidhlig agad?"

"Halò, a bheil Gàidhlig agad?"

Translation:Hello, do you have Gaelic?

November 28, 2019



Does Gáidhlig agad -- have Gaelic -- mean speak Gaelic? To have Gaelic makes it sound like a store commodity to me.


It does indeed mean ‘to speak’. To ‘have’ a language is a common English phrase in areas of the Gaelic countries, no doubt influenced by the Gaelic construction.


Tá Gaelige agam,...I have Gaelic. To "have" it means you will have it always , whereas to speak merely means you are speaking it now. The Gaelic languages are part of one's heritage and birthright and that's why you "have" them.

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