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  5. "This is IRN BRU."

"This is IRN BRU."

Translation:Seo IRN BRU.

November 28, 2019



A Scottish soft drink. It outsells Coca Coca in Scotland. It's bright orange.


It's a soft drink Made in Scotland from girders.

I've never seen it spelt IRN BRU before. The usual spelling is Irn-Bru (see link above) although AG Barr spell it IRN-BRU. Although the name is copyright there is no patent on the product, so other people make and it is just called Iron Brew.


"Seo" means only "this"? Or something else?


It's a bit flexible. In this construction and context it 'seo' means 'this is' but it can mean 'these are'. On its own seo means 'this' when combined with an (an seo) it means 'here'. But it's main association is with 'this'. This (is) IRN BRU. Even when it means here it basically is a shortcut way of saying this place.


and now im going to drink the IRN BRU


What is all Caps about with IRN BRU?


This link clearly shows that the company spells it IRN-BRU and that that is the registered trademark. In that link I also show the way they mislead people into not noticing the hyphen. The non-trademark spelling is iron brew. The spelling IRN BRU has no justification, and is especially weird in the Duolingo sentence I like the word IRN BRU.


'S toigh leam Irn Bru!

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