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  5. "Tini did not change."

"Tini did not change."

Translation:Tini tidak berubah.

November 28, 2019



What is the difference between berubah, mengubah and mengganti


"Mengganti" refers to like "replacing" or "changing (into a new one)", like how you are replacing batteries, or changing bed cover.

For "berubah" and "mengubah" is kinda hard to explain, but i'll try with examples:

x berubah = x changes

x tidak berubah = x did not change (this one is the sentence above)

x akan berubah = x will change

x sudah berubah = x have changed

x mau berubah = x want to change

x berubah karena y = x changed because of y

x berubah jadi y = x changed to y

x mengubah y = x changes y

x tidak mengubah y = x did not change y

x akan mengubah y = x will change y

x sudah mengubah y = x have changed y

x mau mengubah y = x wants to change y

x mengubah y karena z = x changes y because of z

x mengubah y jadi z = x changed y to z

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