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Non-English keyboard letters

I use Duolingo on both a Chromebook and a Linux (Ubuntu) PC. I finally found that I can make the grave marks on the Chromebook by turning on the US INTL keyboard (and in Languages I found Scottish Gaelic, but it isn´t the keyboard and I don´t know what it does yet). In Ubuntu (where I first needed it), I followed advice I found online and used the UK-extended-Win Keys keyboard. I used the US INTL on the Chromebook because mine does not have the UK-extended, and US-extended did not work for me.

To make the grave mark such as in cù and bò with the US INTL keyboard, press the key next to the [1 !] key (it has the grave mark as well as tilde), then the vowel you are marking.

With the UK -extended-Win Keys keyboard hold down the right Alt button while you press the vowel.

I hope this helps someone else as we try to practice good spelling.

November 28, 2019



This is really helpful! Thanks! I've a new keyboard and the accent mark on my old one used to be in a different place. I didn't see it there beside the ! . You've solved one of my new keyboard problems :)



Use the numpad and alt keys:

à = alt+0224

ò = alt+0242

ì = alt+0236

ù = alt+0249

è = alt+0232

This is what I use anyway. I'm typing on my keyboard at work, but when I get home I'll modify my keyboard layout, to something more practical. Perhaps macros are the way to go - dunno. Suggestions?


You can also create keyboard shortcuts to replace a combination of keystrokes with an accented letter (or anything else). For example, my shortcuts replace a vowel followed by the accent character (a`) with à. You could reverse it, or create any combination that works for you. It makes life much simpler. ;-)

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