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  5. "Halò agus feasgar math."

"Halò agus feasgar math."

Translation:Hello and good afternoon.

November 28, 2019



It sounds like math starts with a b sound here. Is that correct?


No, but I see what you mean. Perhaps he had a cold that day!


Haha. :) Very "fuddy"


Why is it feasgar math, but madainn mhath and oidhche mhath?


Mhath is the feminine form of math: see the wiktionary article for math. Oidche and madainn are feminine nouns, whereas feasgar is masculine.


this is something called lenition.

it is explained if you select the little light-bulb in a circle, above the word 'Start', when you begin a lesson.


I have no light bulbs on the website. I have been looking for them. I thought there were no Tips yet because it is still beta.


are you on a phone, or similar?

at this stage, some lessons do have tips and some don't, but I do remember this stuff was explained.

the main thing is that you do already know what to look for and where you'll find it, if your device allows it.

you're clearly enjoying the course, anyway. good luck!


I do not use Duo on my phone. I make way too many spelling mistakes with multiple languages on my phone keyboard, and I prefer to not use autocorrect so I can learn to spell properly. I am only a few lessons in, and for each lesson I have looked for Tips, but, as I said, there have been none on the website yet. That is why I asked - because it hasn't been explained to me yet.


Is there a difference in use between “math” and “mhath “?


Ive also been told that feasgar math can be used in the sense of 'good day' but this is not an accepted translation here. What is the opinion of our resident experts?

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