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Trouble to switch course

I think Duolingo should improve this part. I'm learning English from Portuguese and German from English. Every time I want to switch course I have add new course, switch "I speak", and then entry in my course. In android App is the same thing.

Someone is facing out this trouble? Hey Duolingo, make easy the switch.

June 29, 2014



Oh.. thank you, I didn't know that. I'm glad to know it


Yes, i have the same problem. I'm learning English from Dutch and German from English. I'ts really annoying that you can't switch quickly, especially in the app.

And what also annoys me that you cant see my level at english-dutch next to my name. I only see german.


Definitly a bug; the system expects a user to try to leran new languages only from his mother language;

I am currently trying to learn Italian form english, and spanish from portuguese, but when i select one language i have to go trough the extensive menu on 'settings'; i cant just selec a new language under the flag.


This issue is more than one year old. Is it really so difficult to change? You can chose to speak "all languages", however after selecting a course it automatically switches to the course's main language.


It's not difficult, it's annoying!


March 2016 and still not changed. when are they going to change it?

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