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  5. "Sono bassa."

"Sono bassa."

Translation:I am short.

April 25, 2013



What I don't get is that I already got "Sono basso" for the same translation. Are they interchangeable for referring to yourself, or does your own gender matter?


Gender matters. "Basso" is masculine singular, whereas "bassa" is feminine singular.


Why is 'they are short' incorrect?


They is plural, but bassa is singular.


For persons: basso/a is used for people who/things that are not tall >> short. In other situations it would be "low" Alta marea <> bass marea. High tide <> low tide.


can 'basso/a' ever be translated as 'small' in referring to height?


I think I didn't understand your comment. Isn't exactly that what this sentence is doing?


Is bassa used more often for short, or for low? Or equally?

  • Short (height): Use basso (bassa/ bassi/ basse)
  • Short (length): Use corto (match gender/ quantity)
  • Short (time): Use breve
  • Short (missing; not there): Use insufficiente


Thanks for the info!


I wrote "I am low", referring to feeling down or depressed, though as an English speaker I admit I would more likely say "I am feeling low". Just curious though, can "Sono basso/a" refer to feeling low or depressed?


...and if not, how would that be correctly said in Italian.


In hebrew you say "bassa" when something is annoying or uncomfortable


The female version "bassa" should be spoken by a female person. Otherwise it's irritating.


Ask for your money back.


I think that They are short is Sono bassi for masculine and Sono basse for feminine.


no, "bassa" is female singular.


not "they are short", but "i am short" should work


Why is "sono basso" incorrect?


It's not incorrect if the speaker is male. But 'bassa' is correct if the speaker is female.


Is "basso/a" a synonym of "piccolo/a"?


No, "Basso" Means "Short" Or "Low", While "Piccolo" Means "Small".


i got the sono basso and answered i am low, it is correct when i got this one which is the same except feminine i gave the same answer but it was wrong. makes no sense, it doesnt necessarely have to be short. sono basso could also be im bassy if im not mistaken. same strange/annoying thing with piccola where it refered to young and small was wrong. This makes no sense what so ever.


not sure any real difference between short or small in this sentence


in different cases are wright both: sono bosso and sono bassa/ How may be so?


The sentence begins "I am ...". Either a man or a woman could be speaking.

If a man says this sentence, he uses "basso" because he is male. If a woman says this sentence, she uses "bassa" because she is female.


male voice - therefore surely - sono basso?


You can't tell by the pitch of the voice. For example, a woman reading a recorded novel would read all the characters, male and female.

Futhermore, the computer voice is created after the written sentence. So just look at the written sentence. It is correct Italian as written by a woman.


How do you know if sono is masculine or feminine first person? Is it just a guess?


Virginia, the word "sono" is neither masculine nor feminine. Those labels apply only to nouns, pronouns, and adjectives.

The word "sono" is a verb. It is not "sono", but rather the adjective that comes after it, that tells you whether a man or a woman is saying the sentence. The word "basso" would be used by a male referring to himself, the word "bassa" by a woman referring to herself.

In this DL exercise, we are given the Italian first. The Italian happens to use "bassa". So there is no guess involved. It is a woman who is talking/writing.

If we were starting with the English "I am short", we could translate that using either "basso" or "bassa", depending on whether we assumed "I" to be a man or a woman.


why not "I am low"?


Same question here: why couldn't 'Sono bassa' translate to 'I am low'. For example, being high or low on a mountain?


Odd to get a male voice saying "Sono bassa."

.< KK


I am hearing a female voice saying "sono bassa"


i don't understand why Duo marks: i am small as wrong ???

as far as i know, brits would hardly say: i am short, rather small !!


Because "bassa" doesn't mean "small"; it means "short"; small and short are not the same in English, nor are they in Italian (in the Italian versions of the English)' and sorry English would and do say short if that is what they are. Napoleon was short. Who would say he was "small"?


Audio sounds very like 'Suono bassa'! = 'low sound' or perhaps 'I dream low' '???


So if sono basso is masc and sono bassa is feminin. They should not give a wrong to sono bassa, because we do not know who is short her or him, no?


If the person is saying "sono bassa" it is because she is identifying as female. And yes we do know it is her because she just made the statement. Is there another conclusion here that makes any logical sense? I don't think so.

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