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  5. "I need a fiddle."

"I need a fiddle."

Translation:Feumaidh mi fidheall.

November 28, 2019



Feumaidh mi is not used with nouns. The correct translation is 'Tha mi feumach air fìdheall'.


No. And Charlie and Lola isn't exactly a great source either.


This dictionary entry includes not one example of 'feumaidh mi + noun'.

Tha mi feumach air fìdheall Feumaidh mi fìdheall fhaighinn


'Feumaidh mi' + noun is absolutely fine. If you put 'fhaighinn' at the end of the sentence, then you'd have to add 'to get':

Feumaidh mi fìdheall > I need a fiddle

Feumaidh mi fìdheall fhaighinn > I need to get a fiddle

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