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  5. "Tha Inbhir Nis cho trang."

"Tha Inbhir Nis cho trang."

Translation:Inverness is so busy.

November 28, 2019



Having lived there for 2 months, I can say with confidence it's really not that busy lol


after living there for my whole life i can confirm that it can actually get quite busy


to us teuchters it is very very busy


The audio on this one is way too quite. Even as a fluent speaker I struggled to make out what she is saying, so God knows what a beginner would think.


Definitely found this hard to understand. A lot of the audio by this lady is unfortunately very quiet and muddled.


Strong agree here, we have a bug at the moment which is preventing me replacing this. You can't delete audio, only record over it.


So, is it Inver-Nis or Inhir-Nis pronunciation-wise?


Then may I suggest a wee run along the B9006 to the battle-site and back?

You'll have a clear half-hour or more to yourself each leg, with a fine view of the firth along the way.

If you tire as come back, you can imagine a troop of Dragoons coming after you, picking off the tail-enders along the route: that tends to put things into perspective...


I love this lady's voice. Although I have to listen carefully, her voice reminds me a bit of a an old neighbour who came from Harris. In fact, she also reminds me of one of my relatives who moved from Eigg to Kenmore many, many years ago.


Yes, me too. I love her voice, it reminds me of my grandmother - who didn't speak Gaelic but did speak lots of "auld Scots".


I think I know which Lady you're speaking of, but for me this one plays with a man's voice.


Love this speaker's voice


Find this person very hard to hear, its very quiet with an echo, I struggle a lot on their recordings


Having more than one voice for the words makes it very hard to understand!


I personally think this is a great learning tool as if you intend to use what you learn to communicate, you will be dealing with various people, some clearer talkers, others with a strong accent. I think it encourages your brain to listen and adapt a little


Not possible to change. The software draws from all available audio. Some courses don't have audio for the tiles at all.


I accidentally wrote "very busy" instead of "so busy" (it feels more natural) and it wasn't accepted. Is there a nuanced difference here, or does cho also mean very?


You'll soon learn "glè", which means very.


A subtle one, but we are probably being a bit harsh not accepting it. I'll have a look.


Okay, why is that 'bh' in Inbhir all of a sudden pronounced 'yer' instead of 'ver?'


That is the most common pronunciation of the word.


So this is dialect, not a rule of the grammar?


Bh I think used to always be pronounced as a v sound (long ago) but usage has changed. You still hear a v sound on occasion but it is not common. Hearing the v sound here would be the exception rather than the norm.


Sounds like this has been re-recorded... Much clearer now. Thank you!


What is Inverness?


A state of mind...also the largest town in the Highlands.


Would it be wrong to translate "cho trang" as "very busy"? If so then what would be the right way to say that?

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