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  5. "I like Saturdays."

"I like Saturdays."

Translation:Eu gosto de sábados.

April 25, 2013



Do portuguese speakers not use the plural article here "gosto dos sabados"?


I use :). I normally use in singular (Não gosto de Sábado)


So "Eu gosto dos sábados" should be correct?


More when it is specific: gosto dos sábados em que vou à praia


The English sentence is 'I like Saturdays' and I marked only 'Eu gosto de sabados' as the correct answer, but got it wrong. Apparently 'Eu gosto de sabado' is also a correct answer. I'm just wondering is there no distinction between plural days of the week and singular, or is this a mistake with the system?


We have plural for the days of the week... The point is that with "gostar de", you should use singular...

  • Gosto de carro
  • Gostamos de camisa branca, etc.


hmm I am still slightly confused. Because 'I like Saturdays' is plural, as in 'I generally like all Saturdays', which should be translated to 'eu gosto de sabados' but duo wanted me to mark 'eu gusto de sabado' as well which is singular, this would be translated into English as 'I like Saturday'. So I guess my question is this: Is both the singular and plural form in Portuguese acceptable for 'I like Saturdays'?


Plural form can be used if you specify the noun:

Eu gostava dos sábados em que meu pai me levava ao parque...

For general sense, use singular.


1) Is this behavior of using the singular specific to gostar de? Or does it apply to all verbs that require de? Because the tips&notes has a specific section for repeating week days, and it says to use em/a + the plural article. Eg ele joga nas quartas.

2) the "official" answer confuses me. Paul, you mentioned you'd normally say "gosto de sábado" (singular) or "gosto dos sábados em que ..." (plural, but specific). So in what context would a sentence like "gosto de sábados" fit?


why does "eu gosto de septima" is not a correct answer, am i wrong about it?


Yes. We dont have that in Portuguese. The days of the week are: domingo, segunda, terça, quarta, quinta, sexta e sábado. Domingo and sábado are not followed by the word "feira"


Got it, thx for answering.


Who calls it septima?

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